Merton Council




Introducing Emissions based charging

Merton’s key transport objectives are to; reduce the vehicular emissions that contribute to climate change and poor air quality; minimise traffic congestion; ensure safety for all road users; improve public health through increasing the use of active travel modes and; ensure good accessibility to employment, education and key services for all residents. To achieve these objectives the Council will aim to reduce journeys particularly by car, encourage the use of sustainable modes of travel and where vehicle use is necessary support a switch to lower emissions model.

Merton already manages parking in the Borough in a way that contributes towards our strategic transport objectives including through the use of parking charges. These proposals seek to further strengthen our approach to parking by introducing an emissions based charging model that will aim to address the vehicular emissions that contribute towards climate change and poor air quality. 

We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer our questionnaire and give us your views our proposals for emission-based charging.