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Links and Seely Road Low Traffic Neighbourhood Review

In September 2020 the Council introduced a Low Traffic neighbourhood scheme on Links Road and Seely Road. Both LTNs are linked and were introduced under an Experimental Traffic Order. The 6-months statutory Consultation closed in March 2021 and we are currently considering all the feedback received.
Some residents had concerns and reservations when the LTNs were first introduced particularly during the settling down period, but it is hoped that despite some minor inconvenience to some residents, many of you have come to enjoy and acknowledge the benefits. Before making a final decision, it has been agreed to undertake a review of the scheme. As part of this review, we are asking you to submit your views to a simple on-line questionnaire
Consultation start date 02 June 2021
Consultation end date 02 July 2021
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Consultation run by: Environment & Regeneration
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