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Public health, air quality and sustainable transport: A strategic approach to parking charges


The aim of the proposals is to adjust driver behaviour and to ensure that we can provide a modern, efficient and environmentally sustainable transport policy for residents, visitors, businesses now and in the future.

The proposals seek to achieve efficient and safe movement of traffic and the provision of suitable and adequate parking facilities in the context of the public health agenda, the shift to more active and sustainable transport modes (such as walking, cycling and public transport), the impact of vehicle emissions and congestion on air quality, and demand for kerbside space.

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Summary of results: 

The results from the consultation were reported to Cabinet on 15 July. The report, including the appendix covering the consultation feedback can be found at Cabinet Report 15 July 2019

Consultation start date 29 March 2019
Consultation end date 05 May 2019

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Consultation run by: Environment & Regeneration
Parking Consultation