Merton Council


Current and planned consultations

Consultation run by: Corporate Services
Start: 20 May 2024
Ends: 01 Jul 2024
Why do we want your views?

We would like your views on how fly-tipping affects you and the area you live in. Fly-tipping, the illegal dumping of waste in unauthorised areas, impacts the cleanliness and well-being of our borough.

This survey aims to better understand how fly-tipping affects our residents and their communities and seeks to investigate strategies for further reducing the incidence of fly-tipping in the borough.

We would also like your views on proposals to increase Fixed Penalty Notice (FPNs) charges for littering and fly-tipping offenses. We currently have two types of maximum FPN charges: 

  • Fly-tipping: Maximum fine of £400  
  • Littering: Maximum fine of £150  

The Government has increased the maximum amount that the council can fine for fly-tipping and littering, and we can now legally fine: 

  • Fly-tipping: Maximum fine of £1000 
  • Littering: Maximum fine of £500 

We would like your views on whether we should increase the amount we fine people for littering and fly-tipping to the new maximum or to another figure. 

Consultation run by: Transport for London
Start: 15 May 2024
Ends: 26 Jun 2024
Why do we want your views?

Transport for London are consulting on plans to improve bus services on St Helier Avenue and make the area a safer environment for pedestrians. They propose:

  • Introducing over 1.5km of new bus lanes operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a 1.6km stretch of road (both directions accounted for)
  • Two new pedestrian crossings at Langdon Walk and Dore Gardens, making St Helier Avenue easier to cross as highlighted by the community
  • Widening footways/pavements at side road junctions to increase space for pedestrians
  • Increasing parking restrictions by changing single red lines to double red lines, changing parking operating hours and removing some parking bays, making bus journeys quicker
  • Retain existing cycle track along western footway of St Helier Avenue
  • Support existing speed restrictions (20mph)

TfL are holding a six week public consultation to hear what you think about these proposals. They want to know if you agree with them, if there is anything you do not agree with, and to understand the reasons why you feel this way.

You can reply by completing their survey, which should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. The closing date for comments is 26 June 2024.

The Project Centre
Start: 07 May 2024
Ends: 18 Jun 2024
Why do we want your views?

Our world is rapidly changing, and in Merton, we’re rising to meet the emerging challenges we all face. We’re embracing the path ahead and building a better borough, one that’s ready for whatever the future brings.  

We are living in a climate emergency, so we know the status quo won't cut it. It's why the action we’re taking is substantial and has put us on the path to being a net zero borough by 2030. 

We’re creating places and infrastructure that are greener and more resilient, and building upon a culture that keeps our residents’ health, and the health of our planet, at its heart. 

How we are doing this. 

Our future Merton is one where we’ll all breathe easier - knowing our air is cleaner, that residents are easily able to get from A-to-B safely on bikes, swiftly on public transport or can charge their electric car (EV) across the borough.

Our Walking and Cycling Strategy will be a key component of our vision, setting out a plan for increasing active travel and providing the infrastructure that is necessary to support walking and cycling in Merton.

We're also focussed on becoming the best place in outer London to own or drive an electric vehicle. Our Electric Vehicle Strategy and Action Plan will set out how we can reach this goal, making sure our borough is equip with the infrastructure it needs to support the transition to electric vehicles. 


Why we need your help.

Merton is a great place to live with lots of opportunities to move around the borough. We have a fantastic mix of residential neighbourhoods town centres and business areas, and lots of green space, making it a popular place to live, work and visit. 

With more people living in the borough, we want everyone to have access to both EV and walking and cycling infrastructure and facilities.

Learning more about how these are used at the moment, how these could be used, and the factors preventing involvement will help us create space that meets the needs of the whole community!

Tell us your views by completing the surveys and interactive map.


Consultation run by: Environment & Regeneration
Start: 07 May 2024
Ends: 07 Jun 2024
Why do we want your views?

To give the people of Merton the opportunity to lead more active, healthier lifestyles, we are intending to apply for The Football Foundation's PlayZone Grant. The funding, facilitated by The Government, through Sport England, The Premier League, and the FA, will help support the redevelopment of Merton’s existing multi-use Ballcourts and help create new ones!


To give us the best possible chance of being awarded these funds, we need to establish community demand. That means, hearing from the community to not only gather their opinions but to get their insight that will help guide what shape the Ballcourts will take.

Why do we want your views?

The London Borough of Merton is proposing to expand Perseid School, Bordesley Road, Morden, SM4 5LT with effect from 1 September 2025. The school is set on two campuses in Morden - one primary age (3-11) and one secondary age (11-19).

The proposed expansion will provide an additional 28 places for children aged 3-11. This will increase the total capacity of Perseid School from 168 places to 196 places. Admission to the provision will be decided by the Council’s SEN Panel.

Within four weeks from the date of publication of these proposals, any person may object to, or make comment upon the proposals, by sending their representations to: Director of Children, Lifelong Learning and Families (FAO: Paul Stemp, Admissions Manager), London Borough of Merton, Civic Centre, London Road, Morden, SM4 5DX or by emailing: