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Consultation on the draft Street Trading Policy


Merton Council is carrying out a consultation on the draft Street Trading Policy and we would appreciate your views to shape the new proposed policy.  The draft policy covers the following Street Trading activities:

  • Street Trading Pitches
  • Tables and Chairs on the Highway
  • Market stall licences
  • Shop Front Displays

The draft policy is seeking to replace the current regulations which the Council adopted in March 2009.

The main aim of the proposed policy is to provide a framework for the Council to administer and regulate street trading ensuring a consistent approach is taken. The policy will serve as a reference for licence holders, enforcement officers, other responsible authorities and the Licensing Committee, as to the Councils intended vision and approach to street trading activities in the Borough. It will also strengthen the decision-making process for applications and support the Council’s position should issues arise.

The draft policy reflects on current operational requirements and service improvements. In summary, the main changes are based on service improvements, and these relate to:

  • Improving Air Quality
  • Terms for Market Trading Operators
  • Special Provisions for Community/Charity Trading Licences
  • Street Trading fees and waivers
  • Decision making
  • Reasons for refusal of a licence
  • Licensing hearings
  • Revised new terms and conditions for street trading licences
  • Delineation of trading area
  • Council’s enforcement approach
  • Succession
  • Commodities List (Approved and banned)

For more details please see the draft Street Trading Policy

The closing date for submitting consultation responses is 31 May 2022

Consultation start date 09 March 2022
Consultation end date 31 May 2022

For more information about this engagement, please contact:

Consultation run by: Environment & Regeneration
David Ryan
Contact Numbers
Phone: 020 8545 3969

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