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Wimbledon Hill Public Space Improvements


Merton council, along with councillors, residents and local groups have long been interested in improving the condition and attractiveness of the verges and footpath that leads uphill from Wimbledon Town Centre to Wimbledon Village, which is also a key walking route from Wimbledon railway station to the All England tennis ground and the yearly championships.

The council, in conjunction with residents and local groups is now in the process of preparing proposals for the improvement of this important and attractive route – almost a linear park. We have been working to come up with proposals and now want to widen the scope of public engagement. Indicative proposals have now been prepared and we would like your views on what is planned.

More detail can be found on our website. The consultation will run from Friday 18 February to Monday 14 March 2022..

Summary of results: 

The response to the consultation was positive, with 116 responses.  Of these 78% supported the project proposals with 11% against; 79% supported the planting proposals with 12% against; and 73% supported the seating and bins proposals with 10% against.  92% of respondents either live or work in Wimbledon. 

A number of additional comments were made, though none that showed a particularly strong recurring theme or opinion emerging.  There was some concern about narrowing the road junctions, but these will be designed to ensure traffic can continue to flow appropriately and safely.   

Non-metal benches were preferred and bins that were unobtrusive in appearance.  The importance of sufficient seating was also noted.  A few comments were made on the planting and tree pruning that will be taken into account when finalising the planting proposals. 

The project team will now be taking on board the comments from the consultation in developing the proposals and finalising a project timetable.  Details of this will be added to this project page when completed.

Consultation start date 18 February 2022
Consultation end date 14 March 2022
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For more information about this engagement, please contact:

Consultation run by: Environment & Regeneration
Mr Paul Garrett
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Phone: 020 8545 3063