Merton Council

Graham Road (Wimbledon) Road Closure


As part of the Council’s objectives to provide a safe and sterile environment for all road users and to minimise impacts on the highway network during construction activities, the Council has been working with Barnes Construction Ltd in delivery of the Travelodge on Hartfield Road. Safety measures including the closure of Graham Road were introduced back in September 2020 to increase road safety, to provide a safe and sterile area for road users while deliveries are received and to ensure the expeditious movement of traffic in the Wimbledon area.

To maintain and continue to deliver a safe working environment while the construction of the Travelodge continues, Merton Council are proposing to extend the closure of Graham Road from the 14th March 2022 until the 31st July 2022.

It is appreciated that this may cause some inconvenience and where possible the Council will endeavour to continue to accommodate residents.

Consultation start date 01 December 2021
Consultation end date 31 December 2021

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