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Help shape the future of step-free access on the Tube


How should Transport for London decide which Tube stations to make step-free? TfL are carrying out a consultation to help us shape their future approach for step-free Tube stations.

TfL want to hear from people who rely on step-free access on the Tube network about what is most important to them. For example, is it more important that a step-free Tube station has an interchange on to another line, or, that it is next to a bus station? Is it more important for a step-free station to be near to a town centre or, to a hospital?

TfL are asking for your priorities, rather than specific locations, so they can apply this to every Tube station in London and see which step-free locations will benefit the most people. This will help create a fairer delivery programme that puts the needs of people who rely on step-free access at the heart of their decision making.

This feedback, along with passenger data, transport modelling, third party funding opportunities, design and engineering investigations, will help us shape how we prioritise and deliver step-free stations into the future.

Consultation start date 02 November 2021
Consultation end date 10 February 2022
Take part in Help shape the future of step-free access on the Tube (External link)

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