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Housing Delivery Strategy consultation


Merton’s draft Housing Delivery Strategy considers the need for new homes in Merton and the mechanisms through which they might be delivered, with an emphasis on the need for new affordable housing. Drawing on views expressed in workshops, conversations with groups and individuals across the council and externally and on a range of evidence in relation to housing supply and demand, it identifies specific actions that are most relevant to and with the best prospect of success in Merton.

This is an overarching strategy with a focus on securing housing growth, and is intended to complement a wider group of policies and strategies, in particular the Local Plan and the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy.

You can read the draft Housing Delivery Strategy and the Action Plan on our website here.

We are particularly looking for feedback from those who deliver new homes and housing providers for people including those who are homeless, older people, people with learning disabilities, those with physical and mental illness and young people leaving care.

Consultation start date 26 August 2021
Consultation end date 07 October 2021

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