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Council Tax Support – Update to the scheme consultation 2018


Each year the Government makes changes to the legislation that governs the calculation and award of the prescribed Council Tax Support (CTS) Scheme for pensioners and Housing Benefit (HB). These changes affect several aspects of these awards and Merton has a commitment to keep the local CTS scheme for non-pensioners aligned to the Government’s schemes. This ensures there are little or no differences between the prescribed scheme and Housing Benefit and the local CTS scheme and residents will get broadly the same CTS as they would have done if Council Tax Benefit still existed. We are consulting on two options relating to updating the scheme. You can have your say by clicking on the 'Take Part' link below.

To find out more visit our Council Tax Support scheme page.

Summary of results: 

Only four responses were received, 2 opted to apply the uprating and 2 opted not to apply the uprating. Only one comment was received which was in favour of ensuring that those residents in receipt of council tax support continue to “receive as much as possible to help prevent them getting in to the debt spiral”.


The final decision on the Council Tax Support Scheme was made by Cabinet on 12 November 2018.

Consultation start date 24 August 2018
Consultation end date 19 October 2018

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Rebecca Dodd
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