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Planning Applications Validations Checklist and Development Viability SPD


We are updating our requirements as to what needs to be submitted upfront with planning applications.  We are seeking your views on our proposed updated requirements.

We are also seeking views on our draft Development Viability Supplementary Planning Guidance which has been prepared to support the implementation Merton’s planning policies where applicants want to justify why their particular scheme cannot afford to meet all the policy requirements and still remain economically viable.

These two consultations are running in parallel as the two documents are to be read in conjunction concerning requirements for applicants with respect of development viability justifications.  This approach is designed to help to ensure greater  coordination, transparency and consistency in a complex area of the planning application process.


The policies were adopted by Cabinet on 23 May 2018 and the report including the results from the consultation can be found at:

Consultation start date18 January 2018
Consultation end date28 February 2018
Take part in Planning Applications Validations Checklist and Development Viability SPD (External link)

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