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Completed Consultations and Feedback

Consultation run by: Environment & Regeneration
Start: 28 Oct 2019
Ends: 08 Dec 2019
Why do we want your views?

In 2006 Merton Council adopted its Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). However, since its adoption there have been a number of changes to planning legislation, planning guidance and technological advances such as social media, which have changed the way public consultations and engagement takes place and are carried out. All this means Merton's SCI (2006) requires updating to have regard to these changes.

The draft SCI sets out how Merton Council will involve local people, local businesses, stakeholders and other interested parties when preparing development planning documents and submitted planning applications. It also outlines some engagement principles for developers, who may need to consult with Merton residents regarding their development proposals.

If you would like to part in the consultation please visit:


Consultation run by: Environment & Regeneration
Start: 04 Nov 2019
Ends: 29 Nov 2019
Why do we want your views?

Survey of those who attended the Firework shows at Morden on 2 November 2019 or Wimbledon Park on 5 November 2019

Consultation run by: Environment & Regeneration
Start: 16 Oct 2019
Ends: 14 Nov 2019
Why do we want your views?

The borough contains a rich heritage of buildings, which possess historical or architectural interest. While the most important ones are included on a separate nationally compiled or 'Statutory List', there are many others which may also be said to contribute to the local scene, or which are valued for their local historical associations and these feature in a local list. In 2017/18 buildings, structures and memorials were proposed by members of the public, amenity groups and council officers as additions to the Local List. 

Our conservation and design officers have assessed the proposed buildings and structures against the adopted criteria and set out their recommendations in a report.

Please send any comments you have on the above proposals to

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government
Start: 27 Aug 2019
Ends: 04 Nov 2019
Why do we want your views?

This Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government consultation seeks views on the principle of amending permitted development rights to support deployment of 5G and extend mobile coverage.

This consultation seek views on the principle of amending permitted development rights for operators with rights under the Electronic Communications Code (Code Operators) to support deployment of 5G and extend mobile coverage, and the circumstances in which it would be appropriate to do so. The consultation also seeks views on whether it is appropriate to impose specific limitations, conditions and restrictions on any amendments to permitted development rights to mitigate the impact of any new development.

This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 4 November 2019

Consultation run by: Environment & Regeneration
Start: 04 Aug 2019
Ends: 18 Oct 2019
Why do we want your views?

Safer Merton forms part of the Community Safety Partnership.

Community Safety Partnerships were set up as statutory bodies under Sections 5-7 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) are made up of representatives from the police, local authorities, fire and rescue authorities, health and probation services (the 'responsible authorities').

The responsible authorities work together to protect their local communities from crime and to help people feel safe. They work out how to deal with local issues including antisocial behaviour, drug or alcohol misuse and re-offending. They annually assess local crime priorities and consult partners and the local community about how to deal with them.

This Community Safety Survey will be used by partner agencies to jointly work together to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. The results will feed into the annual Community Strategic Assessment

Why do we want your views?

Merton’s Children’s Trust are developing the Merton strategy for meeting the needs of children and young people who have SEN and/or disabilities 2019-23 (Merton SEND Strategy), to make sure that services across the borough work together and in partnership with children, young people and their families to ensure improved outcomes for children with Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities – in Merton SEND is ‘everyone’s business.

What have we done so far?

We have put together the draft Merton SEND Strategy (please read this before completing the consultation) based on statutory requirements, learning from the recent joint 'local area SEND inspection' and a needs analysis informed by data which includes consultation with children’s professionals in the local authority, health and education; parents and carers; and children and young people.

Why do we need your help?

It is now important to engage all interested groups – parents and carers, children and young people, and staff and professionals who work in SEND - to test, further develop and prioritise the strategic objectives set out in the draft strategy.

We would be very grateful if you could please read the draft Merton SEND Strategy first, and then complete the online survey by Wednesday 16 October.

Your responses will be used to inform the final version of the strategy and shape services over the next four years.

Consultation run by: Community & Housing
Start: 27 Aug 2019
Ends: 01 Oct 2019
Why do we want your views?

Do you provide care or support to someone? We want to hear from you!
Merton Council are developing a new strategy for supporting unpaid carers in the borough. This strategy is being produced in partnership with carer representatives, SW London St Georges Mental Health Trust, Merton CCG, Healthwatch Merton, Carers Support Merton, Merton Mencap, and Alzheimer’s Society.
The new carers strategy aims to raise the profile of carers across the borough and improve the services and support available to them. Therefore, we would like to know more about your experiences as a carer and the impact caring has on your life and wellbeing.


Come to our engagement workshops!

In addition to this survey, we will also be holding engagment events for carers in Merton.

  • Merton and Morden Guild: 19/09/2019 at 11:30am - 1:30pm
  • Wimbledon Guild: 20/09/2019 at 2pm - 4pm
  • Merton Civic Centre: 23/09/2019 at 6pm - 8pm
  • Commonside Trust: 28/09/2019 at 11:30am - 1pm

If you would like to attend and share your views, please email or call 020 8545 5234

Heathrow Airport
Start: 18 Jun 2019
Ends: 13 Sep 2019
Why do we want your views?

Heathrow's public statutory consultation on its expansion project.
As part of this consultation, they will be seeking feedback on their preferred airport masterplan for expansion, how they propose to operate the future airport, an assessment of the impacts of growth, and how they propose to manage these impacts.

They will be holding a public meeting at Everyday Church, 30, Queen's Road, Wimbledon, SW19 8LR on 17 August from 10am to 4pm. 

Consultation run by: Corporate Services
Start: 12 Jul 2019
Ends: 09 Sep 2019
Why do we want your views?
Review of polling districts and polling places 2019
In accordance with the provisions of the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013, the London Borough of Merton gives notice that it is conducting a review of polling districts and polling places within the Mitcham & Morden parliamentary constituency and the Wimbledon parliamentary constituency. The review will formally commence from 12 July 2019 and must be completed by 31 January 2020.
Representations on any aspect of the review can be received from:
  • The (Acting) Returning Officer for the parliamentary constituencies of Mitcham & Morden and Wimbledon
  • Any elector within the parliamentary constituencies of Mitcham & Morden and Wimbledon
  • Any persons/body with expertise in access for persons with any type of disability
  • Any local constituency political party
Persons or bodies making representations should, if possible, offer suggestions as to alternative places that may be used as polling places. The (Acting) Returning Officer will comment on existing and proposed polling arrangements and their representations will be made available within 30 calendar days of receipt.
Representations on the Council’s existing arrangements should be made by Monday 9 September 2019. Final proposals will be considered by a full Council meeting on 20 November 2019.
Representations can be made in by email to or via the online survey below. For more information please see 
Why do we want your views?

Each year the Government makes changes to the legislation that governs the calculation and award of the prescribed Council Tax Support (CTS) Scheme for pensioners and Housing Benefit (HB). These changes affect several aspects of these awards and Merton has a commitment to keep the local CTS scheme for non-pensioners aligned to the Government’s schemes. This ensures there are little or no differences between the prescribed scheme and Housing Benefit and the local CTS scheme and residents will get broadly the same CTS as they would have done if Council Tax Benefit still existed. We are consulting on two options relating to updating the scheme. You can have your say by clicking on the 'Take Part' link below.

Local Government Boundary Commission for England
Start: 04 Jun 2019
Ends: 12 Aug 2019
Why do we want your views?
Local Government Boundary Commission for England are asking local people and organisations for their help to draw up new ward boundaries across Merton. The Commission has also announced that it is minded to recommend that the council should have 57 councillors in the future.
They are now drawing up a new pattern of wards to accommodate 57 councillors. They need your help to tell where the new boundaries should be drawn.
Consultation run by: Environment & Regeneration
Start: 08 Jul 2019
Ends: 02 Aug 2019
Why do we want your views?

We are reviewing the use of neighbourhood recycling centres across Merton and we would like to hear the views of those who use the facilities. Please complete this short survey to tell us about your local neighbourhood recycling centre.

Why do we want your views?

The London Borough of Merton has a long standing arrangement with South West London & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust for integrated adult mental health services.

Integrated arrangements allow social care staff to work alongside health staff in combined teams to meet the needs of patients and service users seamlessly. There has been a trend for councils to undo these arrangements, but the London Borough of Merton remains committed to integrated arrangements for adult mental health services as we believe this provides the best outcomes for our residents.

The arrangement is governed by section 75 of the NHS 2006 Act, which is why integrated arrangements are sometimes referred to as section 75 agreements. The arrangement will be overseen by the Mental Health Integration Board, a board made up of officers from the Council and the Trust.

The agreement is a legal contract between the two organisations. Each agreement has a lifespan, although they contain a clause that means that the agreement still holds unless or until it is ended or replaced. This consultation is about the renewal of the current agreement, which has expired.

The consultation is conducted jointly by the London Borough of Merton and South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust.

Consultation run by: Transport for London
Start: 21 Mar 2019
Ends: 07 May 2019
Why do we want your views?

Transport for London are proposing to make changes to the junction of Morden Road and Jubilee Way to improve the crossing and turning facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. 
Previously, the London Borough of Merton and local residents had requested changes to the crossing facilities on Morden Road at the junction with Lombard Road. However, due to the difficulty of road users not being able to have clear view of pedestrians this was not considered a safe location.

The proposed changes will introduce a green man phase to the crossing at Jubilee Way and Morden Road; this would make them safer for pedestrians and cyclists. TfL propose to introduce a new staggered pedestrian crossing with traffic lights on the north side of the junction with Morden Road and a straight across crossing on Jubilee Way. They also propose to install traffic lights at the exit to the recreation ground which is currently uncontrolled to allow vehicles to safely exit.
Advanced Stop Lines (ASL) would be provided on all arms of the junction. This would help separate cyclists from drivers at the junction and make it safer for them. Right turns from Morden Road southbound into the recreation ground car park would be banned to avoid conflicts between vehicles.

Why do we want your views?

The aim of the proposals is to adjust driver behaviour and to ensure that we can provide a modern, efficient and environmentally sustainable transport policy for residents, visitors, businesses now and in the future.

The proposals seek to achieve efficient and safe movement of traffic and the provision of suitable and adequate parking facilities in the context of the public health agenda, the shift to more active and sustainable transport modes (such as walking, cycling and public transport), the impact of vehicle emissions and congestion on air quality, and demand for kerbside space.

For more information on the proposals please see

Consultation run by: Children, Schools & Families
Start: 11 Mar 2019
Ends: 22 Apr 2019
Why do we want your views?

The London Borough of Merton and Merton Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS), working alongside NHS England, are responsible for commissioning sexual health services in Merton. These services include: contraception; testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections; information & advice; relationships and sex education in schools; and HIV prevention services.

The two organisations work with a range of stakeholders to ensure these services are delivered effectively. These include GP surgeries, pharmacies, NHS hospital trusts, community health organisations, schools and further education colleges.   

The London Borough of Merton and Merton Clinical Commissioning Group are currently developing a joint 5 year sexual health strategy. This strategy aims to set out how the two organisations will ensure everyone in Merton has good access to sexual health services and are supported to be healthy.

To inform the development of this strategy we are seeking feedback on our proposed vision, priorities and actions. We also wish to know a little bit more about the knowledge and experience of sexual health services of those who work, live, are educated in or looked after by the London Borough of Merton.

Information about you will help us understand your answers. There is no identifiable data collected so we will not be asking for your name or contact details. Therefore all answers are anonymous. If you would like more information please refer to the Council's privacy notice -

Consultation run by: Environment & Regeneration
Start: 01 Mar 2019
Ends: 12 Apr 2019
Why do we want your views?

In March 2018 the Mayor of London released his vision for the future of transport in the capital called the Mayor’s Transport Strategy it sets out three priority areas for delivery; these are:-

  • Healthy Streets and healthy people
  • A good public transport experience
  • New Homes and Jobs

It also set an ambitious target for 80% of all trips in London to be made on foot, by cycle or using public transport by 2041.

The LIP is a statutory requirement under the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and all London boroughs are required to develop a document setting out how they are going to deliver the Mayor's Transport Strategy, its priorities and objectives at a local level.

The LIP3 contains an overview of the challenges and opportunities in delivering the Mayor’s Transport Strategy within Merton, a set of borough transport objectives, a short and longer term delivery plan and a series of targets set by Transport for London that we are working towards achieving.

Merton's draft LIP 3 can be found via the council webpage:  

Heathrow Airport
Start: 08 Jan 2019
Ends: 04 Mar 2019
Why do we want your views?

The Heathrow Airspace and Future Operations Consultation is running for eight weeks from 8 January until 11.55pm on 4 March 2019. It is seeking feedback on changes to Heathrow Airport's airspace and future runway operations.

Consultation run by: Environment & Regeneration
Start: 31 Oct 2018
Ends: 28 Jan 2019
Why do we want your views?

Merton has many assets, including superb transport links, beautiful open green spaces, heritage buildings, and a lively business sector.

We are creating a new Local Plan to provide a sound basis for planning decisions. We know how important good planning decisions are for Merton residents, as they impact on the appearance of the local environment and how people use it.

Consultation run by: Transport for London
Start: 31 Oct 2018
Ends: 06 Jan 2019
Why do we want your views?

Have your say on the Sutton Link

Transport for London are consulting on proposals for a new, direct and quicker transport link between Sutton and Merton. This is called the Sutton Link.

The Sutton Link would create a high-capacity route for people travelling between Sutton town centre and Merton. It would connect with other major transport services into central London and across south London, including National Rail, London Underground, existing tram and bus services. It would make journeys by public transport quicker and more attractive, and reduce the need for trips by private car.